Doublebee Photo

Doublebee Photo creates unique image collections with an art director's eye for concept and composition, delivering the images you need for your website, advertising and collateral materials.

Based in Nashville, we specialize in lifestyle location photography, helping businesses show their people, places and products in action. From hospitals and manufacturing companies, to corporations, professional services firms and small businesses, we can create a library of photos to elevate your brand image and connect with your customers.

We've photographed and art directed large location shoots all over the country and have a deep network of production resources including casting, talent, production management, location scouting, specialized grip and gear rentals, retouching and color correction capabilities.

Brian Bruzewski

Photographer Brian Bruzewski's background includes working as an art director and designer for over 20 years. This unique perspective not only informs his image compositions but means he also knows what works. Having concepted and designed numerous ad campaigns, brochures and websites over the years helps him not only understand fitting an image to a layout, it also gives him the ability to quickly visualize collections of photos and paint a more comprehensive picture of your brand.


Doublebee Photo
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Brian Bruzewski
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 Proud to be a member of  AMA Nashville .

Proud to be a member of AMA Nashville.